The best Inflatable Kayaks and Packboats for Touring

Updated November 2018

A quick comparision table for the best touring inflatable kayaks (and now a kayakraft) based on the sort of boats this blog covers; longer boats with room for gear paddled solo or two-up. To aid clarity in the table I have dropped the five discontinued boats crossed-out below. The links still lead to the original review.
I’ve owned a Sunny (similar to 410C), Java, Incept K40 Tasman, a Grabner Amigo, Gumotex Seawave and have tried a Grabner H2 and the MRS Nomad S1. The Nomad payakraft may be an unconventional choice, but give it a read and see what you think. One of these days I’ll get to try a DS kayak, too. There’s more on other IKs here, some of which could also be contenders.


Not all figures below are verified except for the boats I’ve actually owned or used. In some cases my figures don’t match official data. Click below to enlarge.