Book: Inflatable Kayaking: A Beginner’s Guide


See also: Packrafting: A Beginner’s Guide

Published in 2021, Fernhurst Books’ Inflatable Kayaking: A Beginner’s Guide is a large-format book of 48 pages which covers all types of IKs from PVC recreational cheapies to top-end expedition boats, as well as gear, techniques and paddling environments with which to develop your skills. By summer 2022 it was a top three bestseller on amazon.
See the Contents page below.

Since 1990 I’ve made a living writing dozens of guidebooks on adventure travel and like to think of myself as a master at saturating the printed page with hard-won knowledge, ideas and experience. You can spend migraine-inducing days bouncing around the internet (not least this website!) or trawling through Facebook finding out about IKs for free. Or, if you get the value of printed guidebooks, spend less than a tenner on this primer, then get back online armed with the essentials of what you need to know. See the free preview on amazon.

5 thoughts on “Book: Inflatable Kayaking: A Beginner’s Guide

  1. Simon Neal

    Inflatable Kayaking: A Beginner’s Guide. Received my copy direct from Fernhurst Books this week. This is a great little guide which summarises the wealth of experience Chris Scott has gained over the years – I wish it had been available this time last year when I was getting my first airkayak!!. Easily readable, good pictures and the diagrams and explanations cover all areas from kayak designs, seating types, leg braces, repairs, where to paddle, … make the book an ideal ‘go to’ resource. Essential for anyone owning or thinking of buying an inflatable kayak. Sure to become the most authorative guide.

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  2. Alex MultimodalPackrafting

    Hi Chris,
    this is great news, this website and especially your review of the Nomad S1D has been the main inspiration to move from kayaking to packrafting 2 years ago.
    I am looking forward to reading it and also gifting it to fellow kayakers, who are very interested exploring hybrid world of “packkayaks” (great name by the way).
    Unfortunately pre-ordering on amazon isn’t possible at the moment (“out of stock”), I assume this is just temporary?

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    1. Chris S Post author

      Hi Alex the Nomad S1 was a great boat. I should have done more with mine. Would have been just right for the Massif.
      I don’t think the book is even printed yet but pre-orders of a forthcoming book presupposes it is not in stock yet..
      I just tried and was able pre-order + postage (you have to be careful they don’t trick you into joining Prime). It was easy to cancel.
      From from AT it is different.


      1. Alex MultimodalPackrafting

        Hi Chris, thanks and indeed pre-ordering it with an Austrian address doesn’t work at the moment, but it worked with the Uk address of a British relative who will pass it on. And as you mentioned will very likely work again as soon as it comes out. I assume an additional e-book version was not a viable amazon option and would be counterproductive to the purpose and sales of paperback (my preference anyway)?


      2. Chris S Post author

        Actually, I believe Fernhurst plan to make an e-version. They do with their other books.
        A heavily illustrated book like this would drive me nuts trying to read on a phone (as would anything longer than a text) but then, I am ‘of a certain age’.


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