Submit your IK&P Guest Review

Packrafts are less variable, but if you own an Inflatable kayak, guest reviews are welcome to help make this unique website a more useful resource to all. Reviews need to be a few hundred words and include a couple of photos. Here’s a good example.
Please cover:

• Name of boat
• Verifying dimensions (width, length, weight) helps (official dimensions are often inaccurate)
• Ease or not of transporting and set-up
• On the water (getting in, tracking, stability, comfort, type if use)
• Ease of packing and drying
• Other things you like and don’t like about your IK

You don’t have to be in the pictures, your real name need not be used, I may tidy up the English and you can ask me to remove your post at any time.
Sorry, but anything lacking critical rigour or with a whiff of fakeness will not be posted ;-)


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