Anfibio Sigma TXL • Top 10 mods & tips

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I’ve owned the Anfibio Sigma TXL for a couple of months now and have done several day trips two-up, solo and sailing. They’ve all helped give me ideas on how to refine the boat to my needs.
On purchase I got the optional Multimat airfloor, additional foam block seat, paddle leash and use my old Anfibio DeckPack on every trip. I also got a spare skeg patch and mounted a second skeg under the bow – it made things worse.
Here’s a quick reappraisal of the Sigma TXL followed by a list of modifications which have worked for me. Got packraft tips of your own? Let’s hear them.

Spacious solo
Light for its size
Room for 1.9
TubeBags very handy, even for day trips
Level solo trim (unlike Rebel 2K and similar)
Multimat floor’s benefits are just noticeable (good to sleep on, too)
Broad, thick front seatbase spreads the load: less floor sag when solo
Thicker 420-D floor extension ‘bumpers’ over bow and stern
Variety of set-ups and sitting positions, solo or two-up.

Stock skeg mounted too high (or too small)*
Inflatable front backrest lacks support
Optional foam seat block too hard
For me, the paddle leash was inferior to a regular mooring line
A dump valve in the seatbase would be nice (instant deflation)*
Reduced floor space when two-up with Multimat (depends on your sizes)

*Skeg repositioning on TXL and lock-open seat valves for all are scheduled on future Anfibios.

Best Sigma TXL Modifications & Tips


Fit a thin foam backrest (+40g) for better support.
Fits with no mods bar some helpful zip-tie slip-rings at the back. Works best with a footrest (6).


Fit a skeg mount to the floor so it’s fully submerged. Needed for sailing.
Otherwise reversing the stock skeg improves submergence a bit, or make a bigger one.
[Both skegs shown, only one needed for paddling]


Not really a game changer on flatwater, but knee straps improve boat connection and balance when waves get lively and help when bracing into a headwind. Plus they’re handy handles on land. Above is the old Anfibio version which requires gluing on 4 tabs as none of the stock ones line up or are robust enough. Anfibio do a ‘5-P’ thigh strap – even more gluing needed but better for whitewater.


Fit protective floor strakes before scratches get too bad (sea shore use; heavy paddler).
Any thick tape will do; I used expensive Gorilla Tape Patch & Go.


There’s a lot of volume in a TXL: a Flextailgear electric pump works while you do other prep.
Using rubbery, self-amalgamating tape, I adapted a spare nozzle to fit both Boston valve ports (top).
The soft grey adapter supplied (bottom left) fits the main port but could pull off and fall inside. Glue it on.



Consider Anfibio’s Lite Seat base for two-up only (-176g). Besides being less than half the weight, the curved rear edge gives a little more footroom for the rear paddler compared to the broad, rectangular stock front seat base (see backrest picture 1).


The TXL’s frontmost tab mounts are close together. If you’re sailing with a WindPaddle or Anfibio AirSail/PackSail, consider a Transverse Bowsprit (‘stick’) so the WP’s mounts are spread wide. It stabilises the sail which can flutter side-to-side when winds get strong.


Any strap will do, but I like to roll the boat up with a chunky Rovaflex belt.
Threaded through the back for paddling, it then makes a handy grab- or carry handle.


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