Book: Packrafting: A Beginner’s Guide



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Published in May 2022 for £10.99, Packrafting: A Beginner’s Guide is my second large-format 48-page book for nautical publisher, Fernhurst Books.
It covers all the basics a first-timer will want to know about these unique boats: their features, ways of inflating, care and maintenance and the gear you’ll need for paddling, camping and tramping along the trail. Read about the ways of loading your boat and the basics of river paddling, plus bikerafting, sailing, sea paddling and planning bigger adventures. See the Contents page above right.
My book dodges the high-risk and hardcore element of whitewater paddling which appeals to few and can be done in other sorts of boats. Instead, it focuses on multi-day land/water travels: something you can only realistically do in a packraft. This is something which doesn’t require learning any special techniques, additional safety gear or training – just solid planning and a spirit of adventure for which packrafts are so well suited.

Since 1990 I’ve made a living writing dozens of guidebooks on adventure travel and like to think of myself as a master at saturating the printed page with hard-won knowledge, ideas and experience. Feel free to spend days bouncing around the internet (not least this website!) or trawling through Facebook posts, picking up odd bits of packrafting know-how for free. Or, if you appreciate the value of printed guidebooks, spend less than a tenner on this primer packed with all the essentials.

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