Book: Inflatable Kayaking; A Beginner’s Guide (April 2021)

£9.01 (18% OFF)

I got busy during in Lockdown 2 and the results will be published by Fernhurst Books in April 2021, by which time hopefully Lockdown 3 will be over.
It’s a large-format book of 48 pages but, unlike this website, covers all types of IKs, gear, techniques and paddling environments and, as the title suggests, is aimed at beginners. See the Contents page below.
You might assume the book is just this rambly, typo-prone website repackaged in printed form. The cover may change, but hopefully you find yourself pleasantly mistaken.

Although this website is just a hobby, since 1990 I’ve made a living writing guidebooks and like to think of myself as a master at saturating the printed page with hard-won knowledge, ideas and experience. Spend days bouncing around the internet finding out about IKs – or spend a tenner on this book, then get back online armed with the essentials of what you need to know.

£9.01 (18% OFF)

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