MYO D-rings

Heavy duty Grabner D-rings

For what they are, D-rings cost a lot on eBay or from RIB shops. Once you factor in the price of proper two-part glue, it adds up, especially if you have a few to fit.
But it’s fairly easy to make your own D-rings for your IK to attach gear, thigh straps, footrest mounts and so on.

You can buy metal D-rings by the sack-load, and round PVC or Hypalon patches or off-cuts are as easily bought on eBay. (‘Hypalon’ is the same synthetic rubber as Gumotex Nitrilon and Grabner EDPM). Or you may have spare patch that came with your boat. A D-ring doesn’t have to be round but it’s better if corners are rounded.

Pictures below show how to make your own D-rings.
This page shows step-by-step how to apply any patch properly.

A small 75mm round hypalon patch for light duty use. Cut a slot in the middle wide enough for the D-ring.
Trim the smaller round back-patch to fit the D-ring.
How it looks from the back. Now apply glue same-surface to same-surface. Press together in a vice or use a roller.
Finished MYO D-ring. See here for how to stick on.