Gumotex Junior

Gumotex Junior
At ‘only’ 10kg (we thought that was light, back in 2005) I thought this would be ideal for lightweight g-friend and even for me in a pre-packrafting sort of way. However our conclusion was it was merely a heavy, boat-shaped paddling pool made out of unusually tough material.


With my weight I of course had about 3mm of freeboard but it was a hopeless tracker (not that we were experts back then) and all in all felt a bit of a half-baked design (it was actually based on an old Barum Sip).
Gumotex sure made some turkeys bck then, but they don’t make this one anymore. Then again, in 2009 feedbacker Chris reported: “We opted for two Juniors and these are fine for what we need and really light for the motorhome as we are restricted on weight.” But he did report one was splitting  at each end, possibly from overheating?
For a small, compact IK the Twist 1 is better and lighter,or if that’s important, a packraft is even better.

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