Grabner Mega and Tramper IK


New for 2015 is Grabner’s Mega, a 5-metre, semi decked, one- or two-seater which takes an optional rudder and all the usual bits which don’t come with a Grabner – even a motor.
Beam is a rather girthy 90cm or 35″ and at 23kg, the weight makes it a bit heavy for solo transportation. Your Mega will run 0.3 bar or 4.3psi but doesn’t resort to effete PRVs like those other IKs. The inflatable end-decks seems a rather wasteful use of Grabner’s Hypalon-like EDPM fabric, but may help constrain the form. The price is a paddle-wilting €2700.


A less pricey candidate might be the 4-metre Tramper which, is selling in the UK for €1650. At 90cm like the Mega, it seems a bit over-wide for swift touring – “appreciated by children and seniors alike” the blurb admits. The similarly long Holiday 2 is just 75cm wide, 1.5kg heavier and I can vouch is plenty stable enough at sea. Like all Grabners, the Tramper runs a very high 4.3psi or 3 bar. My old Amigo was as stiff as a brick.