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Spring is here, time to sharpen our paddles! While you’re doing that, here’s a Seawave sailing vid with a sail kit (right) from With the lee boards it all looks a bit complicated for me, but perhaps that explains how they manage without a rudder. Notice the hull folding up from 1:40. Don’t know if that’s down to the breakneck speed under sail, or he needs some uprated side chamber PRVs.
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2 thoughts on “Seawave sailing video

  1. pankanel

    No such thing as “breakneck speed under sail” using kayaksailor combined with the seawave.
    I have one and the max speed was for me around 6-7 km/h (less than 4 knots).
    It is a bit smaller than the one in the video (mine 1.4 m2 – video 1.6 m2), but with the addition of a proper genoa sail.
    It’s nice though to sail against the wind. It’s a nice toy if you are alone but takes a lot of space in case of two passengers.
    And in the case of longer excursions, one must always be careful to avoid capsizing from a sudden breeze. You cannot relax while on sail.;topic=698.0;attach=2033;image


    1. Chris S Post author

      Only 4kn? can paddle that on a good day – but not all day of course.
      ‘You cannot relax while on sail’ Good point, especially alone.



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