Gumotex Seawave: MYO deck supports

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I got the optional deck with my first Seawave back in 2015 and as expected, didn’t really take to it. But decks can keep you warm and dry and you don’t have to use them.
Gumotex made a neat job of velcroing it to the boat securely but dropped the ball with their crude, bulky and-over engineered set of 4 alloy bars to support the deck (left) so that water readily runs off. Something much lighter, flexible and compact would do the job. This only matters if you travel with boat and deck, but that’s why we have IKs, no?

Gumo Seawaver Jules writes:

I’ve finally got round to making the Seawave deck supports after a couple of dud attempts and the design works great. 
What I did was to use 15mm speedfit pipe for the arch with a T piece to make the foot that goes in the tabs on the boat’s side tubes. The beauty is you can leave the deck velcroed on ( saves wear) and roll the lot up with at least 2 of the supports in place and it still goes in the rucksack.

The tubes are 44cm for the short and 62 for the 2 longer centre pieces and 4.5 and 6.5 cm for the pieces to go in the T piece foot. I melted a hole near each end of the black nylon that holds the padding on the inside of the deck, this keeps the arch in the correct plac

So far it works well and sheds the water off the deck; I’ve not tested it in rough weather yet.  

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