Gumotex K1 and K2 white water


Made by Gumotex for years, the K1 and K2 double are obscure, expensive, hardcore self-bailing, white water IKs with thigh straps. Until the Seawave came out in 2013, these were the only Gumotex IK which ran 0.25 bar pressure (other Gumotex IKs run 0.2 bar). I’ve never read about the K models anywhere, though it seems the Germans and French (left, Allier) admire them. They feature the distinctive grey floor which is visible in this video at 2.27s.


The K2 could be considered fat-tubed, self-bailing Solar 3 pontoon, a bit shorter at 3.9m but which costs more than double. At one metre wide it’s really a twin-seated, thigh-braced, self-bailing whitewater kayaraft, not a tourer.


It would be fun to throw a K down some gnarly rapids or surf, knowing that it floated like a cork, sat as flat as a wet pizza and drained as fast as a sieve. But if it’s like the Padillac I tried a couple of times in Colorado (left and right), that’s probably all it’s good for and it needs two paddlers to get up any speed.


In summer 2010 I came across a couple of K2s in France, having just come through some narrow rapids which I was too nervous to try alone in my new parkraft at the time, so clearly they are being used by some for the right purpose.
The solo K1 pictured below in’s boat park is the single-seater version out of which it would be hard to fall short of being shaken out. Even used they were asking £500 while a used Twist 1 was going for £130.

2 thoughts on “Gumotex K1 and K2 white water

    1. Chris S Post author

      Well the very rare K1 and 2 you’re looking at seem in the boatpark. Tried a very similar Padillac for a day once (link fixed). Plenty of room but it’s as wide as a Cadillac so dead slow between rapids. Not tried it, but the new, more buoyant, Safari 330 XL might be worth a look if you’re light and can travel light too.



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