Gumotex Twist Nitrilon models

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News of the new 3psi/ 0.2bar Gumotex Twists made of slicker, full-coat Nitrilon Light came out in 2015. Then in 2017 they dropped that fabric and returned to regular Nitrilon. Weights went up, so did the price, but the boats ought be bombproof which you could not say for the original models. (But see below).
The 3.60-metre x 83cm T2 double now goes for around £500 and weighs 13kg. The 2.6-metre x 79cm T1 (green, left) costs £400 and weighs 9kg. This >2018 model should have three pairs of D-ring seat mounts on the hull top.

Both come with proper removable and adjustable seats and footrests. On the original Twists both these things were regarded as cost and weight-saving measures and even though the boats were very light a mate who has both found them not at all robust (he’s since bought a T2) Now with the slick fabric coated on both inside and out, the boat ought to be tougher and will certainly be much quicker drying.

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