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Packraft Group Test ~ Introduction

Supai Matkat • MRS Microraft  • Aire BAKraft • Nortik Trekraft • Alpacka Yak • Summary 2018: things have moved on. See also: Anfibio Alpha XC ultralight Longshore International EX280 double MRS Nomad S1 kayakraft The range of packrafts has slowly expanded since I bought my first Alpacka Llama … Continue reading

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Packraft Group Test: Summary

Packraft Test Intro • Supai Matkat • MRS Microraft  • Aire BAKraft • Nortik Trekraft • Alpacka Yak One tends to compare new boats against Alpacka because they were the innovators who took the whole packrafting game forward. Now that I’ve tried the competition I can see the gap between the Colorado-made boats and the two similar … Continue reading

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Packraft Group Test: Supai Matkat

Packraft Test Intro  • MRS Microraft  • Aire BAKraft • Nortik Trekraft • Alpacka Yak • Summary Like ultralight? See Anfibio Alpha XC Among other things Supai Adventure Gear (moto: ‘Where every ounce counts‘) makes what have become to be known as ‘crossrafts’, ultralight packrafts suited to gentle flatwater floats, canyoneering … Continue reading

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