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Packraft Group Test ~ Introduction

Supai Matkat • MRS Microraft  • Aire BAKraft • Nortik Trekraft • Alpacka Yak • Summary 2018: things have moved on. See also: Anfibio Alpha XC ultralight Longshore International EX280 double MRS Nomad S1 kayakraft The range of packrafts has slowly expanded since I bought my first Alpacka Llama … Continue reading

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Packraft Group Test: Nortik Trekraft

Packraft Test Intro • Supai Matkat • MRS Microraft  • Aire BAKraft • Alpacka Yak • Summary After a chilly lunch at East Lock, sheltering against the wind behind a couple of upturned boats, it was my turn to try the Nortik Trekraft. The day before I had all … Continue reading

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Packraft Group Test: Summary

Packraft Test Intro • Supai Matkat • MRS Microraft  • Aire BAKraft • Nortik Trekraft • Alpacka Yak One tends to compare new boats against Alpacka because they were the innovators who took the whole packrafting game forward. Now that I’ve tried the competition I can see the gap between the Colorado-made boats and the two similar … Continue reading

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Nortik Trekraft at the Packrafting Store

Full review here The Packrafting Store in Germany are now selling the Russian-made Nortik Trekraft. As mentioned a few months ago, it does bear an uncanny resemblance to a standard Alpacka, right down to the ‘fastback’ stern. In appearance you might call … Continue reading

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Gumotex Framura, Alpackalypse, MRS and Nortik Trekraft

News of new air boats comes in with the tide. Alpacka have gone hardcore and have released their new ‘heavyweight’ whitewater boat, the Alpackalypse. Heavy as in <5kg, but that includes an innovative spray skirt/frame plus a inflatable hip pads and thigh braces rather than actual straps … Continue reading

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