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MYOG: TiZip Pakbag

As mentioned here, wafting down the Tarn Gorge this summer with a Chattooga drybag jammed under my knees gave me plenty of time to configure what kind of ‘deckbag’ I felt would better fit my needs. Peli cases were too … Continue reading

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Kayaking and packrafting the Allier (France)

See also: • Chassezac • Ardeche • Packboating in southern France • Tarn In 2005 the Dordogne and nearby Vezere were my first multi-day rivers in a Sunny IK, all helped by the discovery of the inspiring White Water Massif Central guidebook. The Dordogne … Continue reading

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Six Packrafting Essentials

The basic gear you need for packrafting adventures. For general camping kit (sleeping, eating, washing, etc) you’ll find lists all over the internet and beyond. I prefer a 1-kilo down bag, a roomy tent, a thick, full-length air mat and … Continue reading

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Tested: Anfibio Alpha XC packraft review

The Packrafting Store in Germany was one of the first Alpacka dealers in Europe, but now sells several other brands of packrafts from China, Russia and the US. It’s probably the only ‘packrafting supermarket’ of it’s kind and in 2015 … Continue reading

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One Million Sharks

  This weekend IK&P went supernova and broke through the one-million hit barrier, making it possibly the most read non-commercial website about inflatable kayaks and packrafts. Find a niche and they will come, as the bloke from WaterWorld is said to … Continue reading

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Gumotex Twist on the Tarn Gorge

On the way back from some riding in the Pyrenees I persuade my lift that a day’s paddling in southern France’s famous Tarn Gorge would be a good use of our time. The 20-odd kms between La Malene and Le Rozier via Les Vignes (see map) … Continue reading

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Inexpensive packboat rescue and survival aids

The other day while leaning over aboard a salmon pen platform, my cherished six-year-old Benchmade Griptilian slipped out of the pfd and into the briny depths. We ummed and ahhed about diving down to retrieve it, but I’m told these pens are 20-metres deep … Continue reading

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A quick one before lunch

What a great thing a packraft is – like a water bicycle!

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Packraft sump guard

Why a butt and heel patch can be a good idea for your packraft on shallow rivers. Still taken from this video in Greenland. More on my Yak’s set-up here.

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