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IK&P Video of the Week

The crazy things you can do in a Gumotex 410C longer than a Renault Espace. Location: the Class 4 Auzène river, about 25 miles north of the Ardeche Gorge in France. From Vincent Nicolet

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Gumotex Solar 410C – the new Sunny

Gumotex Solar 410C – from 2017 it became the Solar 3 The Solar 410C was a step up from the short-lived, fixed-seat Solar 2 (below). The price in the UK with two seats and a skeg was £470. It became for all intents and purposes … Continue reading

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Gumotex Solar 300 improvements

They don’t make the Solar 300 anymore – it’s been superseded by the lighter Twists, although the similar full-coat, white-water Safari is still made All these Gumboats and a few others may benefit from the footrest mod as described below, as … Continue reading

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Inflatable packboat valves and PRVs

Updated December 2018 Pumps are here The best inflation valves for an inflatable packboat aren’t the simple bungs you find on an airbed or an old Semperit. Nor the twist valves off a Feathercraft Java or an old Alpacka. What you want are one-way valves like the high-presure ones off on white … Continue reading

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