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Packrafting the Tarn Gorge

See also: • Chassezac • Ardeche • Packboating in southern France • Allier guide Just back from Tarn Gorge with the Yakraft, All the way from Florac to Millau; about 86km. Amazed the beating this boat takes, scrapping through the shallows … Continue reading

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Tested: MRS Nomad S1 packraft review [video]

December 2018: I sold my trusty 2014 Alpacka Yak and bought this ex-demo S1 The application of what has proved to be durable, light and compact packraft fabric and reliable construction methods into slimmer, kayak-like forms was bound to happen. … Continue reading

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Tested: Longshore EX280 packraft review

Longshore International is the first UK-based outlet to offer branded packrafts sourced from China. As far as I know, up till now the only option to buy new packrafts in the UK has been the Alpacka outlet up in Aviemore. … Continue reading

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Tested: Anfibio Alpha XC packraft review

The Packrafting Store in Germany was one of the first Alpacka dealers in Europe, but now sells several other brands of packrafts from China, Russia and the US. It’s probably the only ‘packrafting supermarket’ of it’s kind and in 2015 … Continue reading

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WindPaddle Adv 2: disc sailing revisted, again

Adding a rudder to the Seawave inspired me to drag out my cheapo disc sail. I last tried it three years ago on the Amigo (below) when it worked OK, even without a rudder. But of course a rudder is much better for … Continue reading

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Gumotex Sunny in the Summer Isles

A few shots from our first visit to the Summer Isles in 2006 with my original Gumotex Sunny and Mk1  Safari and when it seems the weather was unusually good for August. One day we paddled out as far as Tanera … Continue reading

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Skerries of the Summer Isles

I paddled out into the Summers the other afternoon to see how far I’d get. What I was really eyeing up was Stac Mhic Aonghais or ‘Precipitous rocky feature of Angus’, one of three skerries bobbing just south of the Tanera … Continue reading

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Loch Sionascaig and Eilean Mòr

First paddle of the year and it’s nearly May! I need to get out more. It was a calm day but as we’d not been there for ages, we decided to go inland to the ever-reliable Loch ‘Sion’, spread below … Continue reading

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Alternative to D-rings for IKs

Michael S from BC came up with a good idea for securing stuff, seats or thigh straps to the floor of your IK without resorting to gluing on expensive D-rings – something that takes application and the right glue to … Continue reading

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