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Medway: Rise of the Mamiks

MRS Nomad Index Page I really want to go with you Really want to show you, Lord That it won’t take long, my Lord Hallelujah, Hare Rama…. Picked up while scanning the radio on the drive to Tonbridge, there were … Continue reading

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Modifications to my Gumotex Seawave

Seawave main page Grappling to get the boat out of the muddy Medway river at Yalding the other day put a light scrape on the hull. It reminded me that, along with the PRVs, another winter job was to fit a protective strake under … Continue reading

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How fast is a packraft?

As we’re normally up north for the British summer, I’ve forgotten how great a sunny 26-° southern English day feels. It’s been years. If it was France it’d be normal, but in the UK it’s not which adds to the magic. A perfect … Continue reading

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Grabner Amigo and Medway Canoe Chutes

River status A sunny day in the south of England saw me back on the water with the Big Kahuna Man  after many months off. It was a chance to anoint my new Grabner Amigo’s slick, factory-oiled hull with the Medway’s occluded … Continue reading

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Packrafting the Medway – video

River status The Medway is not a river I’d choose to run in mid-December or probably any other time of year. I’ve kind of given up on English rivers, with all the access and angling hassles and the Southeast of … Continue reading

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